Required Trainings


(Required of ALL Employees/Volunteers)

All Penn State employees, volunteers, and/or independent contractors are required to complete "Reporting Child Abuse training" (See Penn State Policies AD72 and AD39). Those who are working with minors, (known as PA Mandated Reporters), must take the training prior to working with children and annually thereafter. Those who do not work with minors must take the training within the first 30 days of employment or volunteerism and every three years thereafter.


(Required for all employees designated as Campus Security Authority [CSA])

Clery Act training is for those individuals who have been designated as a Campus Security Authority (CSA). Campus Security Authority (CSA) are individuals at the University who, because of their function for the University, have an obligation under the Clery Act to notify the University of alleged Clery Crimes that are reported to them in good faith, or alleged Clery Crimes that they may personally witness. These individuals, by virtue of their position due to official job duties, ad hoc responsibilities, or volunteer engagements, are required by federal law to "report" crime when it has been observed by, or reported to them by another individual.


(Full-time employees only)

New Employee Orientation will provide an overview of Penn State and offer benefits-related insights to new employees to assist them in the selection of a benefits package that is tailored to their personal needs. It is held online via Adobe Connect. To register for one of the scheduled orientation dates, please call (814) 865-8216 or email


(Required of any employee before access to Student related information [i.e. LionPath] is granted)

FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) is a federal law that governs how we protect and disclose student educational records. As a recipient of federal funding, Penn State is obligated to comply with FERPA. As an employee for Penn State, you are required to demonstrate your understanding of FERPA by successfully completing the tutorial and quiz. Until you successfully complete the FERPA quiz, you will not have access to student information.


Shannon Pugh, the College's IT Trainer, offers classes in IT subjects of direct interest to the College. Her New Employee Training is designed to help new employee's become familiar with the following: Computer Accounts, UCS email, PASS Space, Computer Security, College Sustainability, ISS vs. ITS, Video Conference resources, Service Request System, etc.


Protection of Human Research Participants (IRB)

CITI Training Course

Required for: Individuals involved in the conduct or oversight of human participant research

Length of approval: 3 years

Use of Vertebrate Animals

Required for: All individuals, including faculty, staff, technicians, students, volunteers and visitors working with animals

Scholarship and Research Integrity (SARI) for Faculty (SARI@PSU)

Required for: All new full-time faculty, regardless of academic rank, within 12 months from the date of hire. New full-time faculty members must participate in two hours of responsible conduct of research (RCR) or professional ethics-related activities; these can be obtained by taking a CITI online course, or participating in (or teaching) a discussion-based activity.

Note: The CITI training course noted above for the IRB DOES fulfill the SARI@PSU requirement; however CITI courses on RCR (responsible conduct for research) do not fulfill the IRB requirement

Length of approval: After completing the initial SARI@PSU requirements, you must report completing one hour of an RCR continuing education activity within 48 months from date of hire, and every 36 months thereafter.

Conflict of Interest (COINS – Conflict of INterest System)

Required for: If you conduct research at the University and have been identified as an “Investigator,” you are required to submit a financial disclosure regardless of whether or not you have a significant financial interest (SFI).

Length of approval: Disclosure must be submitted annually