Jennifer Meengs, MS, RD

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Instructor of Foods Lab

Contact Information

007 Henderson
University Park PA 16802



M.S., The Pennsylvania State University, 2011

Selected Publications

Rolls, B., Roe, L., Meengs, J. (2003). Salad and satiety: Do portion size and energy density of a first course affect lunch intake? Obesity Research, 11 (September Suppl), A22.

Rolls, B.J., Roe, L.S., Meengs, J.S. (2004). Reducing the energy density and portion size of foods decreases energy intake over two days. Obesity Research, 12, A5.

Rolls, B.J., Roe, L.S., Meengs, J.S. (2005). The effect of increased portion size on energy intake is sustained for 11 days. Obesity Research, 13, A36.

Rolls, B., Meengs, J., Halverson, K., Roe, L. (2006). Does using a smaller plate at a meal reduce energy intake? Obesity, 14 (9) Sept. Suppl., A93.

Rolls, B.J., Roe, L.S., Meengs, J.S. (2008). Does filling half the plate with vegetables moderate energy intake? Obesity, 16:S154.

Meengs, J.S., Roe, L.S., Rolls, B.J. (2009). Does adding vegetables to a meal moderate energy intake? Obesity: 17 (Suppl. 2):S138-S139.

Rolls, B.J, Meengs, J.S., Roe, L.S. (2010). Does increasing the variety of vegetables served at a meal influence vegetable intake? Appetite; 54:672.

Rolls, B.J, Roe L.S., Meengs, J.S. (2010). Does the timing of consumption of a low-energy-dense food influence meal energy intake? Appetite; 54:672.

Meengs, J.S., Roe, L.S., Rolls, B.J. (2012). Vegetable variety: an effective strategy to increase vegetable intake in adults. J Acad Nutr Diet; 112(8):1211-5.

Courses Taught

NUTR 119 Elementary Food Preparation and Lab

NUTR 320 Foods Lab